Caprina Tower

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Caprina Tower A
One of the master project of Caprina is introduced as Caprina Twin Tower which is a magnificent piece of architecture in the heart of Georgia. This project has been stablished in 2019. Caprina Twin Tower is situated in the best area of Vashlijvari, in Tbilisi where you can experience a dreamy settlement. Caprina Twin Tower is the art of Italians architectures and all the materials used in this project are the best in quality and they are all tested at the best modernized with high standard elaborations before utilizing. All the test reports are available to declare to make you sure about high resistance of natural disasters such as flood and earthquakes. All sections are equipped with high-tech smart devices to bring absolute safety for settlers. In Caprina Twin Tower gym, bank, commercial stages, supermarket and a big mall are inbuilt to decrease the need of commute to the crowd of city. In addition, the nice and safe place as playing ground for children alongside greeneries has created a unique view for enjoy of life. This is a good place for investors who have the idea of hoteling due to the fabulous lobby design to arrange the tourism affairs and accommodations. Also there are housekeepers and receptions to provide a new and memorable experience for accommodators in Caprina territory. There is a golden opportunity for Caprina Twin Tower to provide the documentations of each flat or blocks at any stage of deal to the customers. There is a safe guarantee for the purchasers in dealing with Caprina Holding to bring peace for dealers.