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  • August 7, 2018
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When choosing a color in the kitchen design, the majority of us are: for walls, furniture, and floor selects neutral colors. If you want an effective and beautiful kitchen you can emphasize only one detail – for example:

۱٫ Table

This beautiful blue table in the white kitchen brings the summer sea mood.

Light green color table in dark colored kitchen.

۲٫ The island of cuisine

The beautiful, vibrant island in the class of white color really captures all the attention.

The gentle yellow colored island cuisine not only cools but also creates a positive atmosphere.

۳٫ Chairs

Another way to add color to kitchen interior – beautiful lavender color chairs.

The turquoise chairs are not only a new one, but it also looks like open and dark colors.

۴٫ Chalk

Yellow color is always a good choice for cooking: it’s very “soup” and “tasty”. If you have white cuisine, use wooden shelves and yellow lights to revive it.

Luminous glasses of different colors create a festive atmosphere in the kitchen.

۵٫ Cabinets

Open cupboard for the vessel – it’s not only convenient if it is light colored then quite original.

The white wardrobe of the dish will become very nice and original if it is open to the back of the wall and the door of the side is black and white.

۶٫ An apron

The modern style of cooking is often used in orange as the main one. This color emits a positive and strong energy, bringing the joy and life in white and gray colors.

۷٫ Refrigerator

Red fridge – all of this is said.

A yellow refrigerator brings a pleasant and positive atmosphere in the kitchen. The main thing in this kitchen.

۸٫ Stove

Colorful household appliances will like those who love everything is non-standard. What can be a blue gas stove original?

Only an orange stove!

۹٫ Carpet

A light colored carpet creates a cozy white kitchen.

The carpet will style a minimalist, modern interior and create a living and dynamic environment.

۱۰٫ Curtains

The curtains are harmoniously combined with the effect of the “Aquarell” effect of open curtain tiles.

Red and White Combination Flower Flower – this classics, which looks very effective today. Such curtains are brought to the kitchen in a cozy atmosphere and create a positive environment.